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Honor, Courage, Commitment 

Adam Baumel for Assembly District 64.


Meet Adam

64th District Assembly Candidate



Adam Baumel like many New Yorkers has ties to Florida where he grew up the son of a Sheepshead Bay native, Alan Baumel. Both of his parents shared their love for this vibrant city with him, and his two younger sisters Victoria, and Elizabeth. His mother Debra planned week long vacations for the whole family most summers to the city. At a young age he knew he would one day make this great city his home.


He had always wanted to be a part of something bigger than himself, and after the attacks on 9/11 it became clear how he could give back to his country, and the city of New York. He answered the call to our country, and served in the Navy from 2009-2013

During his time in the Navy he embodied honor, courage, and commitment while working as a logistics specialist aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN-68). As a sailor (E-3 ranking) he coordinated and handled millions of dollars in equipment for the Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department (AIMD), a job which is generally only given to sailors in a supervisor position (E-5 or higher).


When the time came for Adam to end his active service, he knew it was time to make his life long dream come true. He was ready to focus on his future, and New York City. He applied to John Jay College, where he majored in Political Science. He did not see this major just as a career path, but rather a chance to give back to the people, and the city that gave him so much hope, and power to dream big as a child.


He spent 2014 and 2015  participating in a Veteran Affairs work-study program. Here he aided fellow student veterans with getting set up in school. Also educating them on resources the school offered, along with beginning the some times arduous process to receive VA healthcare.



In 2016, he had the privilege of taking part in the New York State Assembly internship program where he worked in the Albany office of assembly member, Michael Benedetto from The Bronx who was the Chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee at the time. During this time Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was indicted for campaign finance charges, and in the following months Senate Maj. Leader Dean Skelos was brought up on similar charges. This was a turning point for Adam, like most people he knew the government had flaws but not like this. He has since made it his mission to help get our government on the path to respectability and legitimacy.

Although he has lived in numerous areas across different boroughs, he has settled in the current 64th district. This is where he has chosen to plant roots, and build a life. As your assemblyman he will encourage an actual open door policy, where constituents will be able to reach their representative without jumping through hoops. He plans to create efficient communication with the intention to keep you in the loop regarding upcoming legislation at all times.

I believe in a truly inclusive government that has a core identity of transparency and accountability. I believe in creating an atmosphere for people to be far more involved in these crucial times that affect us all as residents of the great state of New York.
— Adam Baumel

The Issues

 The 64th district faces some unique public health concerns when it comes to our current opioid crisis, and transportation issues.  I plan to tackle these issues head on, along with supporting our local unions, teachers, veterans, and small businesses. Understanding how these issues connect can help raise awareness, while bringing together allies within our community so that together we can all thrive.

2016 Opioid epidemic in staten Island.jpg

Opioid Epidemic

No borough in New York City has been hit harder than Staten Island by the wave of opioid related overdoses, and deaths which stem from the abuse of prescription pain medication. This crisis has also affected many veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and other service connected injuries. I will work to ensure police departments and EMT’s are equipped with Narcan and are properly trained to administer it. I also intend to look into measures to decrease response time in these situations. It is a moral imperative that we take the steps necessary in this health crisis proactively.

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At this time many Staten Islanders have a four hour combined commute daily to and from work. By working with both city and federal officials, along with the state legislature I will fight to bring another ferry to the island. This will cut transportation times and alleviate traffic conditions for those seeking to drive to work.


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