While all candidates lay out a series of policy ideas, not nearly enough focus on how they would seek to reform the very system that is failing New Yorkers. These reforms will aide in making it easier to vote and by increasing the visibility that can be utilized by New Yorkers to ensure government is working for them.


Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked choice voting or instant runoff voting makes democracy more fair and functional by allowing voters to rank the candidates from favorite to least favorite. Winning an election would then require candidates to achieve a true majority of the support (50% +1) instead of a plurality. It would also virtually eliminate any need to ever ask voters to participate in a taxpayer funded revote election. It is a simple change that can result in a big impact.

Town Hall Requirement

By requiring a minimum of 2 town halls for all state level legislators, constituents can gain far more access to the legislative process. It would also provide guaranteed opportunities for constituents to converse with their legislators.

Taxation Transparency Chart

By giving full transparency of what each taxpayer contributes to the system similar to how the UK provides we can do 2 things:

  1. Maintain more accountability of our legislators to ensure they are putting our tax dollars to good use.
  2. Give taxpayers some peace of mind regarding the funds that pay for different programs that improve society and keep our state running.

No Excuse Absentee & Early Voting

Increasing votes by absentee ballot and offering early voting would greatly reduce wait times and it would also greatly reduce the tendency of circumstances preventing New Yorkers from casting their ballot and having their voices heard.

Voting Holiday

By making voting days a bank holiday we can greatly reduce the chance that work obligations would prevent a New Yorker from showing up to the voting booth. Representative democracy is less efficient when voter turnout is low.

Same Day Registration

This proposal would allow New Yorkers to register and vote on the same day so that onerous and counter-intuitive registration deadlines do not prevent voters from having the opportunity to participate in the electoral process.


Same Day State/Federal Primary

Placing both state and federal primaries on the same day is just common sense. It would save New York taxpayers millions of dollars and would dramatically increase voter turnout.